Learn more about the Engineering Services by Docent Design and their intended purpose.


  • Part Design; DFM & DFA

  • Lean Manufacturing Solutions

  • Modeling & Cad Services

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Machine Tool Design, Development & Fabrication

  • Robotics in Manufacturing, Assembly & Production Line

  • Program Management

  • Procedure & Technical Publications Authoring

  • Manufacturing Strategy

  • Supply Chain Consulting

Some of the design capabilities are as follows:

  • Concept generation and prototype design.

  • Product design, assembly design and integration into the manufacturing process.

  • Designing a product that will not only meet the customers functionality requirements but looks appealing with deep thought gone into the industrial design and its wow factor.

  • Tolerance stackup analysis.

  • Material selection and analysis the will best suit a product.

  • 3D CAD modeling and rendering for concept realization.

  • 3D printed prototype parts for a hands on feel of the product

Engineering Services 2 - Docent Design

Production of your product is very important and the little details that can affect its product life cycle can have a large effect on the success of the product in the market. We utilize our experience in lean manufacturing to provide cost-effective, repeatable, efficient, process-controlled manufacturing solutions.

We analyze all the challenges facing production and help you select the appropriate methods and suppliers to help reduce production costs and the speed at which your product is brought to market. Docent Design can work with your suppliers to ensure that the product is produced on time, in a cost effective manner, and edging towards zero defects.

Our manufacturing expertise covers a broad range:
  • Lean Manufacturing design

  • Manufacturing process design

  • Develop methods to manufacture quality into the product.

  • Root cause analysis and solutions

  • Manufacturing operations problem solving

  • Evaluation of the right material for the process

  • Reduction in time-to-market, cycle time and inventory