We deliver turn-key tooling or build to print to match the needs of our customers. The tooling is designed and fabricated to give our customers a safe, efficient, quality, robust and user-friendly tool to the end user.

Examples of tools:

  • Locating fixtures and Jigs, trim fixtures, welding fixtures, assembly tooling for small scale and large scale product.

  • Shop floor custom tooling that lend well to right sized machinery, 5S, Lean work cells and custom made carts to eliminate handling damage.

  • The use of 3D CAD modeling to understand fit and ergonomics to the end user before actual fabrication and cost is incurred. All the while involving the customer to ensure the design will fulfill their business requirements and standards.

  • Custom inspection equipment, go/no-go gauges, and tools that test for fit, form and function before entering the costly assembly phase.

  • Composite layup dies and assembly jigs.

  • Custom CNC and Production Machinery

  • Complete Robotics solutions and integration.

Model 30T Expansion Forming machine - Docent Design